This is an upper division course that is heavily based on class discussions and independent student learning, so the primary modes of assessment will be student participation, regular pre-announced quizzes, and a term paper.

  1. Participation (20%): Students are expected to attend class regularly, participate in class discussions, offer informed responses to questions from the instructors, produce a summary of the readings for the course blog, and offer comments on the weekly summary.
  2. Quizzes (40%): Students will demonstrate their acquisition of knowledge and skills on regular pre-announced quizzes.
  3. Final Paper (40%): Students will demonstrate their ability to integrate knowledge and think critically through a final paper assignment (roughly 3,000 words, or 10-12 pages, double spaced; using proper citation). Students are required to submit proposals in advance and meet with the instructors to discuss their term paper projects. On the basis of their proposed papers, the instructors will organize students into groups to present on their chosen topics at a conference/seminar style.

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